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Rock Bottom Stone Supply offers an extensive range of landscaping and hardscaping materials, including premium natural stone, Michigan field boulders, fresh mulch, bulk/bagged salt, retaining wall bricks, and brick pavers. We also provide a comprehensive selection of aggregates and a convenient option to rent or purchase tools. Dedicated to serving the entire state of Michigan, we pride ourselves on our swift delivery services, capable of reaching you the same or next business day. Experience our commitment to excellence.  Contact us today!

Our Products

Our Products

Rock Bottom Stone Supply Landscape Center is a locally owned, family-operated provider of hardscaping and landscaping supplies. We offer the most complete selection of professional landscaping supplies, serving both residential and commercial customers. We are proud of our high-quality products including natural stone, concrete, brick pavers, retaining walls, mulch, limestone, and much, much more.
Rock Bottom proudly serves BurtonHighland, and surrounding areas.

Bulk & Bag Salt

Get ready for the snow season with our bulk and bagged salt.

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Bulk Materials

Purchase your aggregate, cobblestone, topsoil and more in bulk here at Rock Bottom.

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Brick Paving & Retaining Walls

Shop for the edging materials you need at affordable prices.

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Equipment & Rentals

Rock Bottom carries name-brand landscaping tools for purchase or rent.

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Our Services

At Rock Bottom Landscape Supply, we’re dedicated to helping you create the perfect outdoor space. Our services include expert landscaping advice, a wide variety of top-quality materials, and reliable delivery options to bring your vision to life with ease and excellence.

Landscape Tools/Rental

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Landscapers and Contractors

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Brick Pavers & Retaining Walls

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Helpful Formulas and Estimates For Boulders and Ledge Rock

  • Area (face foot) = Length x Width (Height)
  • Depth in feet = Depth in inches divided by 12
  • Cubic feet required = Length x Width (Height) x Depth
  • Cubic yards required = Cubic feet divided by 27
  • Circle area = 3.14 x Radius Squared
  • Circle circumference = 3.14 x Diameter
  • Triangle area = 1/2 of Base x Height
***One cubic yard = 27 cubic feet
***One ton = 2,000 pounds
***One ton of construction aggregate = 3/4 of a cubic yard

Tonnage required =Cubic feet x pounds per cubic foot divided

by 2,000
Approximate weights per cubic foot:
  • Michigan granite boulders:170 pounds per cubic foot
  • Michigan limestone:155 pounds per cubic foot
  • Canadian limestone:165 pounds per cubic foot
  • Michigan grindstone:136 pounds per cubic foot

Michigan Boulder Coverage

SizeApproximate Weight Approximate Face Feet Per Ton
4"-8" 20-60 lbs. 30-50
4"-12" 20-100 lbs. 18-19
8"-12" 100-200 lbs. 15-16
12"-24" 125-250 lbs. 13-14
18"-30" 205-530 lbs. 11-12
24"-36" 250-1,110 lbs. 9-10
30"-42" 530-2,000 lbs. 7-8
36"-48" 1,100-2,800 lbs. 6-7

Approximate Boulder Weights

SizeApproximate Weight
12" 100 lbs.
14" 125 lbs.
18" 205 lbs.
24" 253 lbs.
30" 530 lbs.
36" 1,100 lbs.
48" 2.800 lbs.

***One cubic yard of 4"-12" oversize cobblestone weighs approximately 3,200 pounds.

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Rock Bottom is a proud supplier of the finest name-brand landscaping and hardscaping products.

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