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Natural Stone Veneers in Michigan

Various elements transform a house into a home. These elements combine architecture, design, and nature, allowing you to tailor your place to reflect personal tastes and functionalities. Among the myriad of materials that add beauty and durability to your projects are natural stone veneers. At Rock Bottom Stone Supply, these veneers take the spotlight.

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What Are Natural Stone Veneers?

Natural stone veneers are thin slices of real quarried stone. The process of creating natural stone veneers preserves the authentic beauty and durability of the natural stone. It also makes the veneers lightweight and easier to handle and install than thick, heavy blocks.

The Benefits of Natural Stone Veneers

Enhancing homes and other spaces with natural stone veneers comes with many advantages. Homeowners and professionals appreciate the materials’ aesthetic appeal, durability, and more.

Aesthetic Appeal

Natural stone veneers offer a distinctive, elegant aesthetic appeal that matches any design theme. With various textures, colors, and styles available, stone veneers can enhance both modern and traditional settings, providing a look that never goes out of style.

Durability and Longevity

Natural stone veneers, made from real stone, possess inherent durability. These materials are resilient against extreme weather conditions, wear and tear, and even fire, ensuring a long-lasting addition to any structure.

Easy Installation

Thanks to their weight, you can easily install natural stone veneers on various surfaces without requiring the structural support needed for traditional stone. This flexibility makes them a practical solution for both new construction and renovation projects.

Environmentally Friendly

Natural stone veneers are sourced directly from the earth, emitting lower carbon than manufacturing synthetic veneers. Moreover, the thin-slice construction means more surface area coverage with less stone being quarried. This aspect ensures we amortize the environmental cost over a more extended period, positioning it as a more sustainable option.


Natural stone veneers are cost-effective, considering their longevity and minimal maintenance requirements. While the initial investment might be higher than some alternative materials, the longevity and durability of natural stone veneers can help save money in the long term on repairs, replacements, and maintenance.

The Use of Stone Veneers

Natural stone veneers are some of the most versatile materials in construction and design. Explore the endless possibilities of these materials in transforming your spaces.

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Stone Veneers for Interior Walls

Stone wall veneers for interiors offer an extraordinary approach to bringing the beauty and texture of natural stone into a home. This material can create stunning feature walls in the living room to add warmth and character or introduce a rustic or modern touch to the kitchen backsplash. Additionally, stone wall veneers can transform a bathroom into a spa-like retreat, creating a relaxing ambiance.

Stone Veneers for Exterior Walls

Stone veneers for exterior walls not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of a building but also offer a robust protective layer against environmental elements. 

On the one hand, stone wall veneers in the exterior design achieve a timeless look that mimics traditional stone masonry. These veneers provide an excellent way to add texture and depth to any outdoor space, like a facade, garden wall, or an accent feature around entryways.

The durability of stone veneers ensures that the exterior remains low-maintenance while withstanding the test of time against weather conditions.

Stone Veneers for Fireplace

Using stone veneers for the fireplace can reinvent the focal point of any room, combining aesthetics with functionality. Stone veneer fireplaces offer a mesmerizing mix of traditional charm and contemporary elegance. Additionally, natural stone veneers are heat resistant and durable, making them an ideal choice for enhancing the safety and longevity of your fireplace.

Stone Veneers for Hardscaping

In hardscaping, stone veneers present a versatile and cost-effective solution. The adaptability allows for the design of elegant patios, welcoming walkways, and serene garden walls. Stone veneers blend seamlessly with natural elements, offering the aesthetic of authentic stone without the high costs or complex installation processes associated with traditional stone masonry.

Stone Veneers for Landscaping

Natural stone veneers enhance garden beds, borders, and outdoor kitchens with rich textures and color variations. Whether you’re creating a striking backdrop for a water feature or fashioning an elegant retaining wall, stone veneers offer a cost-effective, low-maintenance option to bring sophistication and charm to any landscape design.

Choosing Natural Stone Veneers


Several factors help homeowners and designers choose the perfect natural stone veneer for projects. The essential considerations include the type of stone, color, texture, style, and quality.

Type of Stone

Different stones offer varying durability, strength, and aesthetic characteristics. Common natural veneer stones include granite, limestone, slate, sandstone, and quartzite.


The color of natural stone veneer shapes the overall ambiance and aesthetic of the space. The available colors range from soft, earthy tones to vibrant, striking hues.


The texture of natural stone veneers influences a space’s visual and tactile experience. Options range from smooth, polished surfaces to rough, uneven textures.


Natural stone veneers come in various styles, each with a unique visual effect. These styles include the following:

  • Ashlar: Linear, rectangular, medium-sized pieces
  • Castle Rock: Large, blocky, rectangular pieces
  • Cobblestone: Round, irregular pieces
  • Dimensional: Straight-sawn top and bottom with large heights
  • Dimensional Ledgestone: Straight-sawn top and bottom with short heights
  • Fieldledge: A mix of ashlar and mosaic styles
  • Ledgestone: Linear, rectangular, small-sized pieces
  • Mosaic: Random, irregular piece shapes and sizes


The quality of natural stone veneers is paramount in ensuring their durability, appearance, and overall value.

Rock Bottom Stone Supply: Your Trusted Natural Stone Veneers Provider

Rock Bottom Stone Supply has been a premier destination for landscaping and hardscaping materials since 2004, making natural stone veneers accessible to all with our trusted supplier.

We source our materials from reputable quarries and carefully inspect them to ensure superior quality. With a diverse selection of stones, colors, textures, and styles, we offer endless possibilities for elevating any space’s beauty and functionality!

Rock Bottom Stone Supply has a professional team that provides personalized service and expert guidance. With us, you can experience the beauty and durability of natural stone veneers — where craftsmanship meets nature’s artistry.

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