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Bagged and Out-of-Yard Salt Available

At Rock Bottom Stone Supply, we’re on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all your salt needs. (A $50 fee may apply outside normal business hours if there is no inclement weather.) Say goodbye to the snow and ice this winter thanks to Rock Bottom!


Emergency Line: (810) 356-7581 Burton, MI
Emergency Line: (248) 820-7932 Highland, MI
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Bulk Road Salt

Rock salt is the most cost-effective product available for removing snow and ice, keeping traffic and the economy flowing.

It’s easy to use, store and apply, and its effectiveness at keeping parking lots and sidewalks clear makes it the cornerstone in most snow removal programs. It can be used alone or with an additive, depending upon weather conditions.

Safety Sheet

Bagged Salt


Ice Melt Flakes

83% to 87% pure calcium chloride ice melt flakes. Made from natural brine. Features a dust suppressant. Ideal choice for ice melting, dust control, concrete acceleration, and many other applications. Higher concentration provides a lower application rate than conventional 77 to 80% calcium chloride flakes. Can be mixed with rock salt, sand, and gravel to improve their performance. Effective to -25 degrees Fahrenheit

Dragon Melt

Bagged Sidewalk Salt

Small uniform granules allow for even applications. Dragon Melt includes an organic anti-caking compound. Never deal with clogged spreaders again.

Green-colored granules also provide a significantly greater source of spread control and less product waste. Green color is water-based and will not stain. Effective to -12*F.

Ice Away

Bagged Rock Salt

An effective and cost-efficient product used for removing snow and ice from walkways, driveways, and parking lots.

Rock salt is optimally sized for maximum performance and free flowing action. Smaller crystals melt on contact, while larger crystals provide longevity and instant traction. This helps prevent snow and ice from bonding to walkway surfaces or becoming hard packed. Effective to 15*F.


Calcium Chloride Pellets

Ensures the same vegetation, corrosion and concrete performance as other ice-melt formulations, including magnesium chloride, potassium chloride and rock salt. Absorbs moisture and generates heat to speed melting. Effective to -25*F.

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