Helpful Formulas and Estimates For Boulders and Ledge Rock

Area(face foot) = Length X Width(Height)
Depth in feet = Depth in inches divided by 12
Cubic feet required = Length X Width(Height) X Depth
Cubic yards required = Cubic feet divided by 27
Circle area = 3.14 X Radius Squared
Circle circumference = 3.14 X Diameter
Triangle area = 1/2 of Base x Height
***One Cubic Yard = 27 Cubic Feet
***One Ton = 2000 pounds
***One Ton of Construction Aggregate = 3/4 of a cubic yard

Tonnage Required =Cubic Feet X Pounds per Cubic Foot divided
by 2000
Approximate weights per cubic foot:
Michigan Granite Boulders:170 pounds per cubic foot
Michigan Limestone:155 pounds per cubic foot
Canadian Limestone:165 pounds per cubic foot
Michigan Grindstone:136 pounds per cubic foot

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***One cubic yard of 4

***One cubic yard of 4"-12" oversize cobblestone weighs approximately 3,200 pounds.